Trends: the inspiration for the new Innovus Collection
Trends: the inspiration for the new Innovus Collection
01 May

Trends: the inspiration for the new Innovus Collection

In recent years, we have seen a series of changes that significantly marked our experiences and our very essence. We are experiencing a new reality, which every day challenges us to find a balance and to embrace a more tranquil lifestyle.

The concepts of home and office, and even commercial areas, have evolved into emotional spaces that extend far beyond basic or functional needs. This transformation, brought about too by increasing concern about the environment, favours designs that provoke positive emotions for a cosy, comforting environment.

The Innovus Collection – Matching our nature is in line with these trends and responds to the challenges of the future. With high quality, modern solutions and focusing particularly on sustainability, the new collection stands out for its exploration of different concepts that are part of our lives and that influence (our) nature.

Emotional nature

We are increasingly trying to endow indoor spaces with good energies and elements that convey tranquillity and sensory comfort. We express our creativity through the colours and designs that appeal to our senses and that promote a closer connection with nature.

Innovus Matching our nature

Designs with soul, conveying sensory messages. The texture of wood and the balanced offer of solid colours are conducive to well-being. Fantasies, filled with beauty and naturalness, bring life and an audacious touch to any environment.

Sustainable nature

Sustainability is the catchword behind all our actions, which is why our preference for versatile, ecological designs that are locally sourced dictates the trends in current projects. A minimalist approach and a lifestyle that is more aware add value to the different spaces we enjoy every day.

Innovus Matching our nature

New stone, textile and authentic wood structures can create a feeling of movement, life and harmony, resulting in a natural, elegant appearance.

Functional nature

The house of the future is tending towards multifunctional solutions in constant movement, adapting to different needs and lifestyles. The materials are following this trend and ensure a practical, timeless style in all the creations.

Innovus Matching our nature

Versatile and functional decorative solutions. Neutral shades and smooth textures provide a discreet, comfortable environment, with no loss of personality.

Social nature

As social beings, we connect to the community around us by sharing experiences and socialising. As the concepts of co-living and co-housing take on more significance, new creative solutions highlight the versatility and performance of the spaces, providing for an attractive, accessible design.

A selection of innovative decorative proposals that are easy to match and that adapt to different decoration styles.

Innovus Matching our nature

The new Innovus Collection - Matching our nature has over 220 decorative solutions (wood, fantasies and unicolours) and over 40 innovative new proposals. A modern, balanced collection with authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications – from furniture for homes, offices and hotels to interior design.

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