Interior Design Trends by Joana Resende
Interior Design Trends by Joana Resende
14 February

Interior Design Trends by Joana Resende

Managing a Decorative Collection at Sonae Arauco is everyday more challenging! There are so many sources of information, so many influences, and so many new topics developing that is not always easy to have a clear vision of what will be the next right move to do, the most interesting and fruitful selection.

We are focusing more and more on our own path, our vision of what will be better for the end users and, therefore, for our customers. With this in mind, there is a key idea that we are certain about and this is the importance of Home and the transformation it is undergoing, mainly driven by a combination of changing emotional needs, a move towards a more thoughtful approach to design, and increasing climate concerns. While the world around us changes, our core emotional needs do not.

The home will continue to offer a sense of sanctuary and comfort, provided sensorially: through natural materials, appealing physical tactility and sensitive use of colour, light and scent. Neuroaesthetics, which explores how our environment affects our brain, mood and feelings of pleasure, is gaining importance across design and will be play a key role, as will biophilic design: learning from nature to create calm at home. With the growing interest in self-care, creating an emotional escape room in the home will become more commonplace: music rooms, tiny libraries, a special dedicated spa bathroom… Consumers will surround themselves with things that evoke meaning and that are deeply nourishing and comforting.

Today, this is a key aspect of how we think about our products’ creation. And, in fact, our Innovus Collection already has many perfect solutions for the concept of an Emotional Home. A broad range of wooden decors, full of beauty and naturalness, an innovative selection of stones, cement and textiles with their matching haptics, and a balanced offer of solid colours for a perfect combination.

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