Interior Design Trends by Isolino Valiño
Interior Design Trends by Isolino Valiño
28 March

Interior Design Trends by Isolino Valiño

If there is anything to highlight in recent years, it is above all the ability of companies in the sector to adapt to the various changes and challenges that are emerging and even surprise us all. Aspects such as sustainability, digitalisation and technological developments are currently the main spearheads of the sector.

Adapting trends to new situations and lifestyles is one of the constant challenges we face every day. In close collaboration with our customers, we at Sonae Arauco try to obtain reliable and contrasting information necessary to tackle new collection developments or new needs and product solutions. The integration of information in the management of the company will be the basis that will allow us to anticipate the different movements and opportunities that arise and thus be able to create the different strategic lines that define our main priorities and future developments in the field of decorative products.

Today, in product innovation, aspects such as sustainability, health and connectivity with nature, as well as ensuring the circular economy of materials, are aspects that contribute to the well-being and protection of future users when using our materials. The concern for consumption habits in favour of the planet, the demand for more authentic products where the transparency of production processes are essential aspects, features that focus on quality of life, physical and mental well-being and offer environments that allow you to connect with nature and disconnect from the stress of everyday life In these developments.

Everything always starts with an idea, where the first images appear, where many doubts arise, starting with the eternal question, will it be possible, what will be the best colours, what will be the most suitable materials, how risky or innovative can we be... these are always the eternal questions

For Innovus 2023, we wanted to update all the questions described above, bring the combinations to the fore, update and modernise the colour palette, with the natural and sustainable aspect always being our main goal.

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