Heart-warming and welcoming spaces for Autumn & Winter
Heart-warming and welcoming spaces for Autumn & Winter
15 September

Heart-warming and welcoming spaces for Autumn & Winter

As we approach the end of the year, the return of colder and darker days brings with it a desire to spend most evenings relaxing in a comfy jumper with a cup of tea. In the last few years, autumn and winter trends have been evolving to bring us contemporary design, merging pared-back aesthetics with an extra touch of comfort and cosiness.

This new decor season brings colours and materials to our living spaces that protect us from the outside world, in designs that make tranquility a modern value. Indoor spaces call for new textures that invite tactility and solutions that blend practicality and creativity.

Earthy tones - with brown, orange and dark red hues playing the leading role - allow consumers to mix and match different designs, turning spaces into mood boosters.

Embrace colours that create soft, serene environments, such as Grey Beige (L6160). It goes perfectly with other neutral shades, making it the right choice for bringing a balancing effect to any room. For a bolder approach, Humus (L5226) - with its deep brown shade - and Paprika (L5232) - with a powerful earthy colour that maintains and strengthens our connection with nature - might be the answer.

These Innovus unicolours match with elegant woods – which have incredible visual appeal due to their nuances and surfaces. The numerous wood references in the Innovus Collection can add to small or large rooms, conveying a sense of security and warmth.




Ethnic Fire (M6300) is a new interpretation of classic sapele wood and transmits a vintage luxurious look. This versatile and modern proposal with golden pigments adds the character and sophistication of exotic wood. In the same line, Wild Oak Brown (M6287) celebrates our roots by revealing contours and knots. The impressive 3D effect is balanced by its richer, more homogeneous brown tone and the softness of the Fusion texture results in a classic and comforting ambience. If the project requires a lighter solution, Elegance Natural (M6317), with the Spirit texture, is quite authentic and unique, and can easily be mistaken for a true veneer.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to find beauty in imperfection, with handmade pieces and irregular elements for a more rustic, authentic and personalised space. UrbanStone Clay (F2281) invites you to (re)connect to more organic or crafted products. The decor is highlighted by its cement structure full of details, resembling an old wall aged and scratched by time, and enhanced by the tough tactility of the Cosmos finish. Stardust (F2299) stands out for its combination of the strength of metal with the warm tactility of wood. With the Cosmos texture, this Innovus decor brings a special tactility to any living space.

Let the Innovus Collection inspire you to create a welcoming and minimalistic autumn atmosphere where you can relax and make good memories with friends and family.

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