A truly delicate and exquisite proposal
A truly delicate and exquisite proposal
04 July

A truly delicate and exquisite proposal

Exquisite Dark (M6313) brings us back to a time when Italy was feverous with the latest trends. This Innovus decorative product was inspired by the sophisticated movement of Italian walnuts and shows a classical brown colour - a trendy tone for all living spaces.

The Spirit finish gives movement and contrasting textures, providing a natural look and feel of real wood.

The combination of its structure and colour is a Sonae Arauco exclusive. The surface was developed with metallic pigment in some areas to increase its deepness effect.

Exquisite Dark goes along with lighter and elegant woods and harmonious unicolours. It’s the perfect match for modern designs which, mixed with more industrial elements, add a young and cosmopolitan vibe.

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